Support our work

You can help and support us to continue our conservation work at the park by simply donating an affordable amount of your choice.

Donations are safely and securely processed via PayPal.

You don’t even have to have a PayPal account to donate – just click your preferred button and follow the simple instructions.

The weekly animal feeding cost is £1,000 and the animal enclosure heating is £500 a week. We have listed below examples of how your donation may be used …

£5will pay for the upkeep of: guinea pig, rabbit, tortoise and corn snake


£10will pay for the feeding of: boa constrictors, Duck, agouti, Pheasant, Tragapon, Kookaburra


£15will pay for the feeding of: Barn Owl, Macaw, Snowy Owl, Great Grey Owl, Meerkat, Mongoose, Emu, Wallaby, Rhea, Porcupine, Weasel, Mara


£20will pay for looking after: Bat-eared Fox, Leopard Cat, Ring-tailed Lemur, Black & White Ruffed Lemur, Eagle Owl, Dhole, Otter, Wildcat, Corsac Fox, Red Panda


£50will pay for the upkeep of: Tapir, Maned Wolf, Eurasian Lynx, Anoa, Capybara, Peccary, Guanaco, Caracal


other amountEnter the amount that you feel you can most afford – This will be put to general running costs of the park which include vet bills, animal transportation, upkeep of animal enclosures, footpaths etc.


If you would like to post donations – the address is:

Galloway Wildlife Conservation Park

Lochfergus Plantation


Dumfries and Galloway



All donations greatly appreciated – thank you