March, 2013

Easter Hunt

March 17, 2013 admin Family fun


Easter Egg Hunt on 29 – 31 March 2013 Children will enjoy searching for eggs amongst the animal houses. Check out all the exotic animals whilst you hunt for all the eggs located throughout the site over the bank holiday weekend for Easter at Galloway Wildlife Conservation Park. Purchase a quiz sheet and use the […]



Ring-tailed lemur

March 17, 2013 admin Births at Park

Mother ring-tailed lemur proudly displayed her one and half weeks old unsexed twins on Mother’s Day. At 2 weeks, the baby starts eating solid food and begins venturing out on its own. But the juvenile is not fully weaned until 5 months of age.


Red Squirrel

March 17, 2013 admin Uncategorized


Today we were going for a walk when we spotted a wild Red Squirrel near the GWCP. This is the first time one has been spotted for 10 years.


GWCP update

March 17, 2013 admin Uncategorized

GWCP update We are now the registered charity for the Galloway Wildlife Conservation Trust – registered charity number: SC042826 The Galloway Wildlife Conservation Trust is an education, scientific and conservation charity dedicated to protecting our global wildlife heritage and inspiring in people a respect for animals, plants and the environment.